27th April 2018 Shady Grove Fertility UK Patient Story – Sandra and Michael

We had a couple of false starts with some previous fertility treatment attempts in the UK and Europe. We initially tried IVF and had a stark realization when we saw the low response to stronger medication. After the first round of failed...

Shady Grove Fertility Canadian Patient Story – Cindy and Andrew

Our Life Prior to Diagnosis Our story began in a small town in Ontario, Canada. My husband Andrew and I met at a surprise birthday party that my best friend threw for her husband. It felt like fate: I had introduced her to her husband a few years prior and now she introduced me to […]

30th March 2017 Shady Grove Fertility UK Patient Story – Jen & Sam

Treating Infertility   I went through three unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) when I began fertility treatment. I knew my eggs weren’t great, but we wanted to give that a...

26th January 2017 Shady Grove Fertility UK Patient Story – Michelle and Mark

Treating Infertility You never imagine that you’ll be infertile. We got married, had some wonderful years of being a couple, and then decided when I hit 30 that we’d perhaps start thinking about a family. A year later and nothing had...

18th March 2016 Shady Grove Fertility UK Patient Story – Ian & Olaf

In the United States, you are from the very outset, very clear legally where you’re heading. Whose child it will be, and I think this is really a very, very important point.

Shady Grove Fertility Patient Story: Catherine and Gavin

It wasn’t until I reached the age of 40 when I finally met my husband to be. I had always wanted children but had never been in the right relationship when I was younger in order to have a family. I had almost given up hope that I would be one of the lucky ones. […]

27th January 2016 Why America? Sarah Esdaile’s Patient Story

Shady Grove Fertility offered everything that we wanted from a donor egg programme. They have a great reputation, impressive statistics, and a high level of personalised care.



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