Shady Grove Fertility makes accessing quality donors and care very simple, and it comes with a guarantee. Deliver a baby or receive a 100% refund. Since 2009, over 550 donor egg babies have been born to UK patients who were treated at Shady Grove Fertility in America.



Shady Grove Fertility is the leading provider of donor egg treatment in America recording over 8,000 births to date, including 550 to UK patients. Our history of proven success, an extensive database of ready to cycle unidentified donors, dedicated care teams, and 100% guarantee have made SGF a preferred choice in donor programs for UK patients and referring consultants.


Shady Grove Fertility offers a robust proprietary database of fully screened, unidentified donors as well as frozen donor eggs through Donor Egg Bank USA. All donor profiles can be viewed online by requesting a temporary access code. Shady Grove Fertility receives 18,000 donor applications each year, but because the screening criteria is so highly selective, only 3 percent will be approved. On average our donors are young mothers with one child who know someone who has struggled with infertility.

As the recipient, you are able to see each donor’s comprehensive profile in order to choose the donor who is right for you. All donor profiles include:

  • Extensive results of all medical, genetic, and psychological testing
  • Detailed ethnic background
  • Several childhood photos, 2/3 donors also provide us with adult photos
  • 3 to 4 generational family history
  • Educational attainment, and a list of hobbies and interests
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal essays about what motivates them to donate their eggs

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“Besides the basics…she sounded like someone we’d like. She also had traits we’d like to encourage in our child (e.g. an interest in science). But what made the decision for us was that in her answers to the short-answer questions, she just sounded like me. Once we’d selected her, we became more and more comfortable with and confident about our decision—it just seemed right.”

JEN – Successful Patient



Our programme is designed to maximise your chances of pregnancy while minimising your cost and time. We know how difficult it can be to seek care in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people so we’ve designed an easy process that mixes video technology, telephone, and email and requires only two visits to America – the first for cycle preparation and the second for embryo transfer. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to ensure you feel completely connected and in the know at all times.

Complimentary Initial Phone and In-Person Consultations

All out-of-area patients will receive a complimentary initial phone consultation with an international patient liaison, followed by a complimentary phone consult with a physician. During this consult, patients will review their medical history, and receive the physician’s recommendation prior to having to incur any expense.

Two Visits for Patients Undergoing Donor Egg Treatment

Since the egg stimulation process is completed by the donor, whom is local to our centre, you only need to visit us on two occasions: an initial 1 day visit to meet with your physician, nurse, and the rest of the donor team, and the second visit for your embryo transfer.

Co-Management Agreements with Other Fertility Centres

Shady Grove Fertility has co-management agreements with centres in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These agreements allow us to minimise the number of visits needed to our centre. We will liaise directly with your local clinic to arrange any additional appointment you will need.


Since our inception, more than 85,000 babies have been born through Shady Grove Fertility. In 2009, we began collaborating with a number of leading practices in the United Kingdom to provide recipients with egg donation. During this time we have seen over 600 UK patients and over 500 of these patients successfully delivered babies. Over the years our success rates have remained consistent in the non-shared and the shared program (between one donor and two recipients and one donor and three recipients).

Our clinical pregnancy rate is 60 percent per transfer and delivery rate is 50 percent per transfer. All of our embryo transfers are performed at the blastocyst stage and in 75 percent of cycles we transfer a single embryo. As a result the majority of patients will have cryoperserved embryos to use for future pregnancy.

Recipient Category Initiated Insemination Cancellation
Non-Shared 76 69 7 (9%) 62 34 (55%) 6 (18%) 28 (45%)
1:2 259 230 29 (12%) 216 137 (63%) 26 (19%) 111 (51%)
1:3 630 584 46 (7%) 531 313 (59%) 49 (16%) 264 (50%)
Total 965 883 82 (8%) 809 484 (60%) 81 (17%) 403 (50%)






84% of UK patients enrolled in Shared Risk take home a baby, and those who don’t are guaranteed a 100% refund (some exclusions apply). Shady Grove Fertility offers a financial package for Donor Egg treatment called Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme that includes up to six cycles of fresh donor egg treatment and an unlimited number of frozen embryo transfer cycles for a single package price. This innovative programme is designed to increase your opportunity to achieve the outcome you want -a baby – while managing the cost of donor egg treatment if more than one treatment is needed to conceive.


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