Shady Grove Fertility UK Patient Story – Ian & Olaf

18th March 2016

When our patients become parents, their success stories become evidence of Shady Grove Fertility’s premier service and commitment to medical excellence. Shady Grove Fertility has helped bring over 500 UK babies into this world since 2007, and we wanted to share some of our patients’ journeys with you through our new video series.

Egg Donation Process at Shady Grove Fertility

Ian and Olaf came to us after unsuccessful fertility treatment in the UK. Not only had they not reached success, they also found the UK egg donation process to be full of complexities and legal obstacles for same sex couples. The couple explained that once they stepped through our doors in America, they could feel the support of our experienced, clinical team, and our commitment to care helped them to feel “right at home.”

Choosing Their Egg Donor

Ian and Olaf choose our Egg Donation Programme because of their comfort level once given access to our Donor Database of specially selected donors, all of whom have completed rigorous psychological, medical, and genetic prescreening. They chose the same egg donor for both of their children and were able to foster a bond with their gestational carrier, all while staying informed and supported by their dedicated Shady Grove Fertility team “every step of the way.”

More Stories

If you’re interested in exploring the egg donation process and options for same sex couples, we invite you to view the patient video series on our website. For questions and guidance about our Donor Database or the Donor Egg Treatment Programme in general, please reach Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison, by phone 0208 003 0827 or email at [email protected].

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