New Portal to Support Largest Donor Egg Treatment Programme in America

4th October 2017

For women who need donor egg treatment, our new portal offers enhanced search features of prescreened, ready-to-donate donors and a new reservation system that make finding a donor a simpler process.

New SGF Portal Benefits Egg Donors

We have streamlined and simplified the donor prescreening process thereby reducing the amount of time to donate—meaning donors are often matched quickly with recipients. This is especially important for women who donate more than once, which comprises 65 percent of donors here at SGF. “Most women who donate do so for altruistic reasons. This helps fulfil that desire faster,” says Michele Purcell, MHA, RN, Director of SGF’s Donor Egg Programme.

New SGF Portal Benefits Those Who Need Donor Egg to Conceive


For those who need donor eggs to conceive, the new portal offers many cutting-edge features that make sorting through the finest details of our prescreened donors to match characteristics and find the right donor easier. Recipients can also search through personal and family medical history, genetic disease history, educational background, and personal interests. Essays are available to provide unique insight into the motivation and personality of each donor. Each donor provides childhood photos and many have consented to sharing their current adult photographs.

“It used to be you had to anxiously await a response once you’d found your perfect donor. Now recipients can scroll in real time 24/7 on any mobile device, choose a donor, and know that she’s confirmed,” adds Purcell.

“We are excited to launch this new platform and believe it’s the best in class for our egg donors and our recipients,” says Michael J. Levy, M.D., SGF Co-Founder. “People come to us from all over the United States, the UK, Canada, and 35 countries around the world. We believe they value our unique donor egg sharing programme combined with a 100% treatment guarantee that they will take home a baby or receive their money back. These solutions help ease the financial burden associated with donor egg treatment,” adds Levy.

The launch of this new platform enables us to stay ahead of the increasing volume the practice has seen in its egg donor program. Last year alone, we performed close to 1,000 donor egg treatment cycles, with 85 percent of the women who need an egg donor selecting a donor who was recruited and carefully screened by our very own clinical team.

“Before a donor is ever added to our database, she must undergo our stringent medical, genetic, and psychological screening. This new database will allow for a swifter screening process, which means more qualified donors becoming readily available to our recipients,” adds Dr. Levy.

For donor egg recipients who elect our signature Shared Donor Egg Program, which offers tremendous advantage by way of cost savings, access to a larger pool of donors and a significant reduction in wait time to select a donor, and a more efficient use of the eggs so the recipient doesn’t end up with many used embryos—not to mention similar success rates as those seen among recipients who do not share a donor—our new portal now provides 24/7 updates regarding how many other donor matches are needed for match completion.

To learn more about SGF’s Donor Egg Treatment Program, email International Patient Liaison, Amanda Segal, or submit this brief online form.


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