3 Things to Know about our Shared Risk Donor Programme

25th May 2017

Shady Grove Fertility’s Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme is one of our most popular programs with 90 percent of our international patients choosing to utilise it. The reason why? It is a lot less stressful to begin treatment knowing that you’ll receive a full refund if you don’t take home a baby. Plus, our success rates are indisputable with 84 percent of our international patients in this programme taking home a baby. Take home a baby, or receive your money back. Here is what you need to know:

The Basics

You must meet some eligibility requirements to take advantage of our Shared Risk Programme:

  1. Women must be under age 50 and 11 months.
  2. You must have no available insurance benefits or you have elected to waive any available benefits.
  3. You will need SGF physician approval—approval is mainly granted based on the anatomy of the uterus as seen during the mock embryo transfer and the ability for the uterus to develop a thick lining as seen in a mock cycle paired with estrogen medication.

While the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme allows up to six fresh cycles and unlimited frozen cycles from those fresh donor cycles, you may stop treatment at any time and still receive your refund.* There is no specific number of cycles patients need to go through to receive the refund.   

(*some exclusions apply)

The Fine Print: What is included?

Included in the cost of the Shared Risk Programme are:

  1. Up to Six Fresh Donor Cycles
  2. Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs) from those Fresh Donor Cycles
  3. Donor Fees
  4. Donor Prescreening
  5. Donor Medications
  6. Cryopreservation
  7. Cryopreservation Transfers
  8. Mock Transfer
  9. Local Co-management Fees

This list is encompassing of the major benefits and biggest expenses, excluding HSG, bloodwork, counseling, medicated EEP trial cycle, and recipient medications. However, if any of these tests have already been done within the necessary timeframe, they do not need to be repeated. It is also possible to have some of these tests done during your initial visit for a fee.

In comparison, the fee for a single fee-for-service cycle contains only half of the included costs that are covered fully under the Shared Risk Programme. Even more, without Shared Risk, your allotted fresh donor cycles decrease to one and your FET amount drops to zero.

How can the cost of the programme be reduced?

Shady Grove Fertility also offers a Shared Donor Egg Programme to help reduce the cost of donor egg treatment by up to 50 percent. Without compromising the high-quality medical care or success rates, donor eggs can be shared among 2 or 3 recipients thereby reducing the cost significantly. The Shared Donor Egg Programme can be used in conjunction with the Shared Risk Programme to still give patients the power of a guarantee. In fact, 89 percent of our international patients choose to share a donor and participate in the 100% refund option.

Shady Grove Fertility is dedicated to making donor egg treatment in America more accessible, successful, and affordable. Through the Shared Risk Programme and the power of a guarantee, your dream of starting or growing your family is within reach.

Learn more about our International Donor Egg Programme by emailing our International Patient Liaison, Amanda Segal.


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