Donor Egg Treatment FAQ | Questions from the Fertility Show in London

23rd November 2016

This year at the Fertility Show in London, we were able to connect with new and former patients, meet the first “test tube” baby, Louise Brown, and highlight the advantages of donor egg treatment at Shady Grove Fertility. The Fertility Show also helped us recognise that couples seeking donor egg treatment in America have many choices when selecting a centre. We know that choosing a fertility centre can be a challenging task but we are confident that you’ll enjoy Shady Grove Fertility’s simplified process, high success rates, and money back guarantee option.

Many men and women considering donor egg treatment had similar questions. The most common being why Shady Grove Fertility? And is there really a full money-back guarantee on donor egg treatment?

Why should I consider donor egg treatment at Shady Grove Fertility?

Shady Grove Fertility is the leading provider of donor egg treatment in America recording over 4,000 births to date, including 550 to UK patients alone. Our history of proven success, dedicated care teams, and 100 percent guarantee have made SGF the donor programme of choice for UK patients and referring consultants.

One of the most appealing benefits of coming to Shady Grove Fertility is having the ability to choose your own donor egg from a database of ready-to-cycle anonymous egg donors. We internally recruit and diligently screen each candidate and, with just 3 percent of applicants becoming donors, we ensure only the highest quality applicants are added to the database. This recruitment and screening process comes at no additional cost to the patient, unlike the fees associated with using an agency. We are committed to providing our patients with the ease of selecting a high-quality donor.

Can I really get a full refund on donor egg treatment?

Yes. Our Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme for donor egg treatment is designed to help you feel at ease while seeking the right treatment for you. Nearly 82 percent of UK patients enrolled in Shared Risk take home a baby and those who don’t are guaranteed a full refund (some exclusions apply).

Our exclusive Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme includes up to six cycles of fresh donor egg treatment and an unlimited number of frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles for a single package price. This innovative programme is designed to increase your opportunity to achieve the outcome you want—a baby—while managing the cost of donor egg treatment if you happen to need more than one treatment to conceive.

While connecting with former patients, Michael and Sandra as well as Olaf and Ian, we were able to meet their children and enjoyed having the chance to see such happy families. We hope to connect with you soon and help you get started!

If you have any questions about our donor database or our Donor Egg Treatment Programme in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 0208 003 0827, or email Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison at [email protected].


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