How Shady Grove Fertility Selects Egg Donors

9th February 2017

Young women from all over the Washington D.C. region make parenthood possible by donating their eggs to couples struggling with infertility. To date, anonymous egg donors have helped more than 5,000 Shady Grove Fertility patients realise their dream of parenthood.

But just how selective is this programme? Each and every potential donor undergoes an intensive medical and psychological screening before being accepted into our egg donation programme; making our in-house recruited and pre-screened donors some of the best in the country.

High Standards and High-Quality Egg Donors

Due to our excellent reputation and high standards, Shady Grove Fertility has over 18,000 applicants each year but only 3 percent of women pass our screening to become an egg donor. Our egg donors are required to complete two written applications where they provide details on their education, careers, goals, and family history, before advancing to medical screening.

When a woman is completing the second application, her Egg Donor Profile, she is asked to provide essays about herself as well as childhood photos. We attempt to learn as much as possible about the donors through these applications.

Our Donor Team seeks women who are educated, cultured, and altruistic and often we do not have to look far as they are naturally drawn to our programme. One of our donors recently wrote:

“The feelings I got when donating and being a part of that process were indescribable and honestly made me feel like my own little superhero. I don’t see egg donation as a one-way street where I’m helping other women because I truly feel that they are helping me as well. Because of these woman who work so hard and never give up for what they want, I get to feel the most incredible sense of self and accomplishment. It really is an incredible experience that I would not give up for the world.”

Who Are the Donors?

Egg donors at Shady Grove Fertility are dedicated, talented, and remarkable young women. There is no average donor. All of our egg donors have something unique that the Donor Team saw in them. Our dedicated in-house recruitment team carries out a holistic review of egg donor applicants to ensure that each donor is committed to the programme and will be a high-quality donor. Quick donor facts:

  • 78% of egg donors are college graduates or currently pursuing their degree
  • 75% of egg donors indicated that they chose to donate their eggs because they wanted to help a couple struggling with infertility
  • 66% of our donors are two-time egg donors
  • 50% of our donors are already parents

Many women seek to donate with Shady Grove Fertility because we are the largest egg donor programme in the country with the highest standard of patient care. This is evident as many donors are referred from other egg donors who had such a remarkable experience they encouraged friends and family to become an egg donor as well. Egg donors at Shady Grove Fertility are compassionate and accomplished women with a strong desire to help a couple create their family.

Selecting an Egg Donor

As a donor recipient, you may be interested in our Shared Donor Egg Programme, which offers a reduced rate for donor egg treatment, as you are splitting the cost of the egg donor with one or two other patients.

How are donors chosen for the Shared Donor Egg 1:2 or 1:3 programme?

In order to reduce cycle cancellations for recipients, only donors who have met certain criteria on their medical screening are available in the 1:2 or 1:3 programme. While cancellations still occur, the goal is to ensure that the donor will produce enough eggs for all matched recipients.

Learn more about Tips for Selecting a Donor, our 100% donor egg treatment guarantee or request access to our online donor egg database.

If you have any questions about our egg donors or our Donor Egg Treatment Programme, get in touch with our team by calling 0208 003 0827 or email Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison.


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