Why Patients from the UK are Coming to America for IVF and Donor Egg Treatment

8th February 2019

Why are patients from the UK coming to America for Donor Egg Treatment? Learn why families, couples, and individuals from more than 35 countries have chosen Shady Grove Fertility:

Affordable Financial Plans:

A decade ago, donor egg treatment was considered unaffordable for the vast majority of patients. In 2008, however, Shady Grove Fertility revolutionised this treatment by developing innovative solutions to overcome the cost and anonymous donor availability issues commonly associated with traditional donor egg treatment. This means that many more patients are able to pursue donor egg treatment than ever before. Because of these changes and advancements, Shady Grove Fertility has become the leading provider of donor egg treatment in the United States, performing more than 1,000 cycles last year alone.

SGF is home to two exclusive programmes that make treatment more affordable and successful. One programme guarantees a 100 percent refund if our patients don’t deliver a baby. The other allows donor eggs to be shared, reducing the cost without compromising success rates.

89% of our UK patients choose to share a donor and participate in the 100% refund option, which gives them the best of both worlds when it comes to achieving their goals—delivering a baby without facing major financial hardship in the process.

Anonymous, Fully Prescreened, Ready to Donate Egg Donors: 

At Shady Grove Fertility, our goal is to make the selection process as smooth as possible for our patients by providing a diverse registry of donors and by providing each recipient with the autonomy to select the donor that meets their preferences.

Our donor process is anonymous but completely transparent, and the donor registry provides intended parents with a wealth of information. Women donating their eggs must complete extensive medical, psychological, and genetic screening prior to being placed on the donor registry and eligible for matching. As a result, recipients have great peace of mind. The registry offers:

  • Demographic characteristics (eye color, race, ethnicity, etc.)  
  • Childhood photos
  • Adult photos (2/3 donors will also consent to provide current, adult pictures)  
  • The donor’s individual and 2-3 generations of family health history
  • Her likes and interests
  • A personal composition about her motivation to donate

Personalised Care:

Watch International Patient Liaison and former fertility patient, Amanda Segal, discuss the genuine passion and concierge-level care that Shady Grove Fertility provides to patients, holding their hands through the entire donor egg treatment process.

“We take great pride in the level of care and expertise we can provide to our International patients. Being a part of the patient journey and witnessing so many success stories is the most rewarding part of our job. We give you all of the tools to succeed and all of the hope to keep going. Having been part of the Shady Grove Fertility family for over 25 years, that feeling of gratitude for your work and love for your patients never diminishes.” 

High Success Rates:

Since our inception, more than 50,000 babies have been born through Shady Grove Fertility. In 2009, we began collaborating with a number of leading practices in the United Kingdom to provide recipients with egg donation. During this time, we have seen over 600 UK patients and over 500 of these patients successfully delivered babies. Over the years our success rates have remained consistent in the non-shared and the shared programme (between one donor and two recipients and one donor and three recipients).

Our clinical pregnancy rate is 60 percent per transfer and delivery rate is 50 percent per transfer. All of our embryo transfers are performed at the blastocyst stage and in 75 percent of cycles we transfer a single embryo. As a result, the majority of patients will have cryopreserved embryos to use for future pregnancy.

Patient Testimonies:

At Shady Grove Fertility, support is all around you. We realize this stuff isn’t easy and it often isn’t quick. It’s also something people should never feel like they’re facing alone. That’s why we are all about being there for our patients, in as many ways that we can. 

Read an open letter from Sarah Esdaile, an SGF Egg Donor Recipient and U.K. Patient Liaison, as well as patient success stories of hope and support: 

Open Letter: Using an Anonymous Egg Donor Taught Me That Being a Mother is Not About Genetics

Sandra and Michael

Jen and Sam

Michelle and Mark

To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility’s Donor Egg Programme, please contact Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison, by calling 0208-003-0827 or [email protected].


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