Streamlined Treatment and Travel

10th December 2018

For over 25 years, men and women from over 35 countries including the UK have traveled to Shady Grove Fertility for fertility care and our International Donor Egg Programme. Out patients benefit from streamlined treatment and travel, and since our centre is located minutes from the Nation’s capital, there is a wide range of accommodations in the Washington, D.C. area to meet your travel needs. Many are located only a short walking distance from our centre, including hotel and transportation services.

Many patients find the unique combination of our high success rates and the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme a better investment of time and financial resources and worth the effort to travel for care.  Our streamlined treatment process also reduces the amount of international travel necessary, as you will complete monitoring at a local centre in the UK.

Egg Donation in the U.S.: Streamlined Treatment and Travel

Shady Grove Fertility’s International Donor Egg Programme offers a complimentary initial phone and in-person consultation, where patients will review their medical history and receive a physician’s recommendations prior to incurring any fertility treatment expense.

Since your anonymous egg donor will have all aspects of her prescreening and egg retrieval completed at our centre, donor recipients only need to visit the U.S. on two occasions. The initial recipient day visit offers you the opportunity to meet with your physician, nurse, and the rest of the donor team. During this time, you may complete infertility testing, you will have a mock embryo transfer, the male partner will provide a sperm sample, and you and your physician will develop a treatment protocol, specifically designed for you. You will then return once more to the U.S. for the actual embryo transfer.

This reduced travel is made possible through our co-management agreements with fertility centres in the UK and Ireland. We will liaise directly with your local centre to arrange any additional appointments you will need. And since Shady Grove Fertility has the largest donor database of fresh and frozen medically pre-screened eggs in the U.S., there is no wait for recipients.

Shady Grove Fertility has had over 50,000 babies born as a result of treatment, more than any other centre in the US, including over 4,000 babies born from our Donor Egg Programme. We offer a level of experience that is second to none, and our patients directly benefit as a result. Learn more about our success rates. 

To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility’s streamlined treatment and travel within our International Donor Egg Programme, call 0208 003 0827, email Amanda Segal, International Patient Liaison, [email protected], or submit this form.


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