Shady Grove Fertility’s Egg Donation Success Rates

15th April 2016

When choosing a fertility center, it’s important to research the many different options available to you. Finding a center that values patient care and has reproductive endocrinologists with extensive experience are important factors. But the most important factor to research often comes down to the center’s egg donation success rates

Shady Grove Fertility has become the leading provider of egg donation treatment in the United States, performing more than 1,000 cycles last year alone. With so much experience and data, we are able to provide our recipients with the peace of mind that they are in good hands. In 2009, we began collaborating with a number of leading practices in the United Kingdom to provide recipients with egg donation. During this time we have seen over 600 UK patients and over 500 of these patients successfully delivered babies.

The Stats

Egg Donation Success Rates

Our egg donation success rates are, and have been, consistent in the non-shared and the shared programme (between one donor and two recipients and one donor and three recipients).

Our clinical pregnancy rate is 60 percent per transfer and delivery rate is 50 percent per transfer. We perform all of our embryo transfers at the blastocyst stage, with a mature embryo. And, at Shady Grove Fertility, we advocate for single embryo transfer (eSET) in good prognosis patients, because the risks associated with multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.) are too great on the health of the mother and the babies. Our goal is to maintain high success rates while transferring the fewest number of embryos, and we have been successful at reducing the multiple pregnancy rate over time, due to our practice of eSET.

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