SGF Baby Boom: 85,000 Babies Born and Counting

10th July 2019

Of all of the milestones Shady Grove Fertility has reached thru the years, the one that makes us beam with pride the most is the number of babies born as a result of care at our centre. To us, there is no greater achievement than to help patients realise their dream of a family. And this year marks an especially significant practise milestone: 85,000 SGF babies born and counting.

When the centre first opened its doors in Rockville, MD in 1991, with two physicians, Dr. Sagoskin and Dr. Levy, one SGF baby was born every 20 days approximately. Today, 12 SGF babies are born each and every day.

“We never set out to reach this particular milestone,” recalls Michael J. Levy, M.D., Co-Founder of SGF and Director of IVF. “Instead, we said, very simply, from day one, we will always put the patients first and do what is ultimately in their best interest. This means, if there is a simpler, less invasive, or less expensive option that’s equally advantageous available, that’s what we will do,” adds Levy.

Throughout SGF’s many years of growth, accomplishments, and milestones, one thing has remained the same; Our uncompromising commitment to deliver the highest quality care to every patient who walks thru our doors. Hear from patients in our community who are celebrating along with us – who are a special part of the 85K babies born, 85K inspirational stories, and 85K dreams that have become a reality.

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“8.5 years of infertility, treatment, heartache, loss, grief and hopelessness lead us to Shady Grove Fertility. Our first transfer was unsuccessful and we were crushed. The second transfer, we DROVE 36 hours each way (in 7 days) because it was the only way we could afford to go again so soon.” 

“And it worked! Before we knew it, we were passing milestones that brought our dream closer and closer. And then, to our surprise, our beautiful daughter made her entrance 5 weeks early. Healthy but early she spent a week in the NICU before we got to take her home. Our daughter is the most amazing, perfect tiny human we could ever have hoped for. She is the love of our lives. We are so grateful for Dr. Stillman, our nurse Vivian and the whole team at SGF Rockville who made the experience so positive.” – Brandon and Tiana

 “It was expensive to go to America for treatment but there were advantages, such as the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme, which means that you are guaranteed a baby or get your money back. The cost was around $35,000 for up to six rounds of treatment. At the end, you either end up with a baby – in which case the money seems irrelevant – or you just lose the price of flights and hotels. Once I got past the buy-one-get-one-free aspect, I realised that this was a stroke of genius. People often ask me whether I wish I had only paid for a single round, given I got pregnant on my first attempt, but I don’t. Having the safety net of further rounds enabled me to relax and trust the process.” – Sarah

After failed IVF and other Donor Programs, Sandra and Micheal have Alfie “It was fantastic. Truly fantastic. We cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful people that we got to meet and get to know. This team has given us the most incredible gift, and we just know that it would not have been possible without them. The whole team brought such a commitment and attention to detail to the process. They were machines in bringing everything together to make this happen for us and we still cannot believe it. They know so much about us now and have all kept in touch; they were genuinely delighted to see us realise our dream. Amanda, Gail, Carol, Dr. Michael Levy—they all made such a difference to us. It would be impossible to leave anyone out. Everyone brought their own unique expertise and knowledge to the process. Everyone had calmness about them and a real sense that they do this every day, for lots of like-minded couples. This went such a long way in taking any stress or anxiety out of the equation. The professionalism and thoroughness made the process such a comfortable one for us, and made a real difference.” – Sandra and Michael

 “The most special moment, my little SGF miracle baby finally meeting Dr. Doyle and Carla. Without these two, I wouldn’t have my perfect boy. I will never have enough words to thank them for their kindness, love, and patience. I LOVE being a Mum. Thank you, Shady Grove Fertility, for this gift.” – Sarah

What Makes this Milestone so Special? 

“I think one of the reasons we’ve been successful is because we never settle for status quo. We continuously strive for better results, higher success rates, easier access for patients, and more efficient and faster ways to help couples conceive. We could have downshifted our efforts years ago but that wouldn’t be in the best interest of our patients, so it wasn’t even an option,” said Dr. Levy.

At Shady Grove Fertility, doing what’s best for the patient doesn’t just mean for the patients of today or even the patients that find their way to one of SGF’s many locations, it’s about all future patients who will learn they need assistance in order to have a baby. SGF’s practise leaders, physicians, and team members create opportunities to not only increase access to care but also raise awareness and give a voice to the many who suffer in silence.

To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility or to schedule an appointment, please contact International Patient Liaison Amanda Segal at [email protected] or +301 545-1322. 


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