Overcoming Fears of Starting Egg Donation Treatment

11th July 2016

For many of us, the fear of the unknown can be crippling. Our minds can exacerbate a situation and often times fill in the blanks with the worst case scenario or even misinformation. This can be especially true for couples who are starting egg donation treatment. When it comes to infertility, fear can become a powerful emotion that stifles us and holds us back.

For some patients, taking the first step—calling and scheduling a consultation with a physician to discuss their fertility—can be scary. Don’t let these common fears keep you from achieving your dreams of growing your family.

Common Fear #1: Starting egg donation treatment sounds nice, but I can’t afford it. 

While it can feel unfair that you have to work so hard for something that comes free to others, the reality for many patients is fertility treatment is more obtainable than they realized. 

There are a variety of discount and guarantee programmes available exclusively for Shady Grove Fertility patients. Our most popular is the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme. This unique programme allows couples up to six fresh cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfers (FETs) for one flat fee (about the equivalent of two cycles). Upon successful delivery of a baby, we have earned our fee. If you do not take home a baby, you will receive 100% refund. It’s that simple.

Couples also may opt out of the programme at any time, with no obligation, and will receive a 100% refund. In this programme, and all Shady Grove Fertility financial programmes, we provide our patients with the exact same care and treatment, with success rates similar for programme participants as non-participants. This can also be paired with our Shared Donor Programme, which can reduce the cost of donor egg treatment by up to 50 percent and can be combined with our Shared Risk Programme.

Read more about the insurance and financial options available for Shady Grove Fertility’s International Egg Donation Programme.

Common Fear #2: I will end up with a lot of babies. 

Not only is multiple pregnancies a fear patients have but it is also a fear our physicians have as well! It is a well-proven fact that high-order multiples are risky and therefore something we try to avoid in all cases. Safety is a top priority for our physicians and that safely is not just for you but also for your child(ren). Our goal is always a singleton pregnancy, and for patients who need egg donation treatment, that is most frequently achieved through an elective single embryo transfer (eSET), the practice of choosing to  transfer a single embryo at a time. 

Common Fear #3: The subject matter is embarrassing and I’m afraid I’ll be judged.

For some people, talking about their period and the details of their sex life with someone whom they just met can be uncomfortable. Remember this “stranger” is a specially trained medical professional who understands you might not be at ease at first. However, for them, they’ve made it their life’s work to help people just like you, who are starting egg donation treatment, realize their dream of a family. Many of the staff at SGF have also been in your shoes; therefore, we treat each patient who comes through our doors with utmost compassion and respect. Watch the incredible stories of our own staff.

Common Fear #4: There is something wrong with me—I’m broken.

Don’t get me wrong, you are special, but when it comes to your ability to conceive, you aren’t as unique as you probably think. With one in eight couples who have trouble conceiving, you certainly aren’t alone and are actually in some pretty good company. There is also a good chance that the cause of your infertility might not even have to do with you. The cause of infertility is pretty evenly split, with 40 percent of infertility due to a female factor and another 40 percent due to a male factor. The remaining  20 percent is due to a combination of the male and female partner or of unknown causes. Age also plays a significant role in how easy it is for a couple to conceive. Read more about how age affects infertility.


Taking the first step is easier than you think. It starts with a conversation. To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility’s Donor Egg Programme, please reach us by phone at 0208 003 0827 or email Amanda Segal, international patient liaison, at [email protected].


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