A Guide to International Donor Egg Treatment

23rd February 2017

Shady Grove Fertility takes pride in providing our UK patients with concierge-level service and superior success with our International Donor Egg Programme. Egg donation in the UK can be a lengthy process due to the lack of egg donors and the time it can take to find a suitable donor. We created the International Donor Egg Programme for patients all over the world that follows a streamlined and affordable process. Our patient guide for international donor egg treatment provides you with all of the insight you need to know in preparation for your journey ahead.

Complimentary Initial Phone Consultation

For UK patients who take advantage of our International Donor Egg Programme, Shady Grove Fertility offer a complimentary phone consultation with a world renowned physician. During this consultation, patients will have the opportunity to review their medical history and hear recommendations from a fertility expert prior to incurring any financial expense.  

Travelling to the U.S.

We understand that travelling to the U.S. for treatment can be daunting; however, our streamlined process fully accommodates our UK patients by only requiring two short visits to the beautiful Washington, D.C. area. The initial one-day visit begins your cycle preparation, where you will get to meet your physician, nurse, and your designated donor care team.After your first visit, you will select your egg donor and our renowned medical team will prepare your embryos. Your second visit will be for your embryo transfer.

To ensure our International Donor Egg Programme provides you with a sense of security and reassurance, once you arrive back to the UK and throughout the duration of your pregnancy, we have co-managed agreements with a number of UK clinics including: Lister Clinic, Hammersmith, Boston Place, and Oxford who will provide continuous support on Shady Grove Fertility’s behalf.

Available Egg Donors

Due to our excellent reputation and high standards, we hold one of the largest databases of fully pre-screened, immediately available egg donors within the U.S. Shady Grove Fertility has over 18,000 egg donor applicants each year, but only 3 percent of women pass our screening. Couples have the option to choose a donor based on comprehensive medical, psychological, genetic, and educational profiles that feature family history and childhood photographs. 

Financial Options for International Donor Egg Treatment

At Shady Grove Fertility, we wish to ensure that all individuals have the financial ability to reach their desire of becoming a parent. Since 2009, over 550 babies have been born to UK families through the Shady Grove Fertility International Donor Egg Programme, with the majority through the help of our unique and exclusive financial programmes such as our Shared Donor Egg Programme.

The Shared Donor Egg Programme allows couples to equally share the cost of one donor between one or two other recipients, reducing the total cost of fertility treatment by 50 percent. Most importantly, the success rate of our patients opting to use shared donor eggs are not affected. We take pride in synchronising each recipient’s treatment cycle with the donor and have seen no decrease in success rates when recipients share donor eggs.

Patients can also take advantage of our refund option, the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme for Donor Egg. This programme allows patients to pursue multiple treatments for one flat fee without the additional worry of cost versus chances of conceiving.

How does the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme work?

The Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme for Donor Egg allows patients to have up to six donor egg retrievals and all subsequent frozen embryo transfers (FETs), and only pay the equivalent of two donor egg treatment cycles.

When patients have a successful delivery, we have earned the fee; however, if they do not have a successful delivery, you will receive a full refund of fertility costs paid to our centre. UK patients have been very receptive to this programme, with 90 percent of patients from the UK opting for the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme and 82 percent of those patients taking home a baby.

If you have any questions about our International Donor Egg Programme, call 0208 003 0827 or email Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison.


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