Egg Donation in Ireland: Patient Seminar in June 11

20th May 2016

Egg donation in Ireland is made available through the United States’ largest fertility centre. Shady Grove Fertility’s, streamlined programme that allows patients to work locally with Cork Fertility Centre while gaining access to SGF’s extensive donor database. Through this programme couples and individuals have the ability to choose a medically, physically, and genetically prescreened donor.

Shady Grove Fertility, with Cork Fertility Centre, will host a free patient seminar to discuss our collaborative International Donor Egg Programme.

International Donor Egg Programme Seminar
11 June 2016 at 1400 GMT
River Lee Hotel | Cork, Ireland
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Representatives from both Cork Fertility and SGF will be available to discuss the benefits of choosing infertility treatment through our international partnership. And because Shady Grove Fertility has the largest database of fresh and frozen prescreened donor eggs, you won’t have to wait for the donor of your choice.

Here’s your chance to ask Ireland Programme Director at Shady Grove Fertility, Gilbert L. Mottla, M.D., and John Waterstone, M.D., Cork Fertility Centre,  about the specifics of egg donation treatment, egg donor selection, and the travel process.

Our programme includes a free initial phone consultation with Dr. Mottla, and only requires two visits to the U.S. During the first visit, we provide a comprehensive overview of the treatment process and have you and your partner complete preliminary testing. You will then return home to start your treatment cycle with Cork Fertility. Once you’ve chosen your donor, you will come back to the States for the embryo transfer, and then return to Ireland, where you will visit your local doctor for a scheduled pregnancy test after 2 weeks.

To learn more about egg donation in Ireland and our unique partnership with Cork Fertility Centre, call us at 0208 003 0827.


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