Dr. Michael J. Levy Named Top Infertility Doctor for 2016

2nd December 2016

Shady Grove Fertility congratulates Michael J. Levy, M.D., Director of the International Donor Egg Programme, as a Washingtonian Top Infertility Doctor for 2016. Dr. Levy, SGF co-founder and president and director of IVF, is not only the innovator of our Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for IVF or donor egg but also the innovator of our Shared Donor Egg Programme, which has helped hundreds couples from the U.K. conceive.

Allow us to tell you a little bit more about why Dr. Levy was named a top infertility doctor for 2016:

Dr. Levy is a respected leader.

Some would describe Dr. Levy as a storyteller. He arrives at each New Hire On-boarding class of Shady Grove Fertility with letters and pictures of patients in hand with hopes of imparting the importance that each team member—whether you’re a file clerk or a physician—understand the intricacies of this journey from a patient’s perspective—to see experiences through a patient’s eyes. This example of leadership has certainly made a difference in the way care is delivered throughout SGF, as Dr. Levy has very intentionally created a culture of compassion and empathy that is critical for every caregiver to understand and embrace.

Dr. Levy is a trusted, compassionate physician.

What he gives to staff colleagues, he freely gives to his domestic and International patients as well. He understands the importance of interpersonal connection, and realizes that trust must be earned and relationships must be nurtured. Taking the time to meet and understand patients’ concerns is a priority. Dr. Levy has discerned that when patients are partners, the best outcome will be achieved. 

“We want to thank you so much for all of your expert knowledge, advice, support…We became pregnant easily with our first daughter…so we were especially surprised to have difficulty when trying to get pregnant with our second child…We immediately felt very comfortable with your extensive experience and your style. We appreciated your sensitivity, your calm focused demeanor, and also your sense of humor…I especially appreciated your personal phone calls when we received negative news after the first two IVF procedures…We trusted your balanced approach between effectiveness and invasiveness among other factors, and agreed with your analysis each step along the way.” – Former Patient

Dr. Levy is a thought-leader and pioneer.

Dr. Levy always believes that innovations focused on patient-centric solutions are the most helpful and meaningful, which is why when confronted with a tearful couple who could not afford another round of IVF, he created the Shared Risk 100% Refund Programme in the early 1990s to increase access to care and help relieve stress and anxiety for patients whose decisions pivot on the relationship between cost and success. “We believed in our Shared Risk programme and felt it was, in fact, the most ethical program we could provide to our patients. It is truly gratifying to think back on the several thousand babies who would have never been conceived over the past 2 decades had it not been for one interaction with a single couple, sitting devastated in my office,” recalls Dr. Levy.

From the success of the Shared Risk Programmewith 82 percent of patients taking home a baby—similar innovative financial programs, such as the Shared Donor Egg Programme, have been borne.

Dr. Levy embodies the mantra of always doing what’s right for the patient, even if it’s not the most profitable or popular decision. He has never wavered from this philosophy, nor has he ever compromised his values when it comes to delivering optimal patient care. For this and many more reasons, we congratulate Dr. Levy on being named a top infertility doctor and encourage you to get to know him as well.

“Before we came to Maryland…we were beyond weary with the constant cycles of hope and grief….I cannot possibly capture on paper the sense of relief I felt after (my daughter) Corey and I met with you that summer day, and that was where my heart told me we had found home. As you talked, I watched her relax. I saw trust return. I felt hope creep back in. Your obvious expertise, your unhurried manner, and your incredible attention to details completely captivated.  I just wanted to tell you that the work you do goes beyond giving a couple the chance to have a family; it actually spans the generations because it has also, in essence, given us our daughter back.” – Former Patient’s Mother

If you have any questions about our Donor Egg Treatment Programme, please call our team at 0208 003 0827, or email Amanda Segal, our International Patient Liaison at [email protected].


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