Advantages of Egg Donation in the U.S.

12th September 2016

Shady Grove Fertility is proud to be at the forefront of egg donation in the U.S. and all over the world, as we forge the way with innovative scientific methods coupled with compassionate care. Our approaches have led to the birth of thousands of babies, and more families have been made possible with the help of Shady Grove Fertility than any other fertility centre in the world. Our UK Egg Donation Programme has distinguished itself through high success rates and immediate access to egg donors.

100% Refund for Egg Donation in the U.S.

We’re delighted to offer our UK egg donation patients a 100% Shared Risk Programme, which promises a baby or your money back. You can attempt up to six donor egg cycles for just one fee and if your treatment isn’t a success nothing is charged, giving you the peace of mind to move forward without an extra financial burden. We will cover the cost of the unsuccessful treatment, which is why we emphasise that this programme is shared as we are committed to inspiring a good outcome. With six donor egg cycles, we’ve calculated that the chances of a successful treatment at 82% and our hope is that the likelihood will only increase over time.

One of the Largest Donor Databases in the U.S.

Being open and honest are values at the very heart of our centre and we think this is especially important when choosing an egg donor through our UK Egg Donation Programme. Patients will have access to the donor egg database, which has a wide range of donors who provide personal information such as family history, their likes and interests, and their demographic characteristics, including eye colour and ethnicity.

We know that selecting an egg donor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so we wanted to reflect this in the level of detail we provide in our donor database.

All donors are required to provide childhood photos for you to view during your search, and some provide adult photos as well. It’s entirely up to you to decide who you’d like your donor to be and what traits are important to you. Our team is always on hand to help you find your best match and offer support. All of our donors have undergone medical, psychological, and genetic screening tests, with only 3 percent being accepted, to ensure that the chances of successful treatment are optimised.

Streamlined Approach to Care

Our streamlined approach to treatment begins with a video chat and medical consultation with one of our supportive clinicians, Dr. Michael Levy or Dr. Gilbert Mottla, both of whom have years of experience in the field. After speaking with our team, you’ll make two visits to the U.S. The first time, you will meet the team and make sure all preparations are in place and any concerns you have are addressed. The second visit will be to arrange the embryo transfer once you’ve selected your donor.

Since we know how emotional the process is, we won’t make you wait months to hear whether your choice of a donor has been accepted. There is no waiting list and we encourage you to get started at your own pace and on your own terms.

We might be an ocean apart from you, but Shady Grove Fertility coordinates care with your local fertility centre, so you’re looked after and kept informed every step of the process. We’re confident that we’ve removed many of the obstacles that can cause frustration and our comprehensive donor database and lack of waiting list are just two of the main reasons for this. 

Get Started Now

There are several ways for you to start your journey with us and begin to build your family. If you’ve got any questions about the process, big or small, then call our team on 0208 003 0827 and we’ll help to answer any of your queries and let you know about your options. We’re also thrilled to have Sarah Esdaile, our UK Patient Liaison and successful Shady Grove Fertility patient on hand to speak with you about her experiences.

To learn more about egg donation in the UK and our unique partnership with multiple fertility centres, please contact Amanda Segal at [email protected] or call us at 0208 003 0827.


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