Celebrating 25 Years and More Than 40,000 Babies Born

9th June 2016

Shady Grove Fertility is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a practice and more than 40,000 babies born with a “Believe It’s Possible” campaign that aims to give current and new patients newfound reasons to believe in the power of what’s possible.  To commemorate this important milestone, Shady Grove Fertility is launching a “Believe It’s Possible” campaign to build hope for the 1 in 8 couples who are affected by infertility, and to serve as a reminder that there are now treatments available to help almost everyone conceive. When the center first opened its doors in 1991, one Shady Grove Fertility baby was born approximately every 20 days. Today, 10 Shady Grove Fertility babies are born each day, every day—more than any other fertility center in the nation.

The History

The Shady Grove Fertility practice began in Rockville, MD, with two physicians, Arthur W. Sagoskin, M.D. and Michael J. Levy, M.D. Today, 34 reproductive endocrinologists, supported by a highly specialized team of 600 urologists, Ph.D. scientists, geneticists, and staff care for patients in 18 full-service offices and five satellite sites throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., and the center continues to grow with three new locations in Virginia launching in the next 6 months. “For 25 years, Shady Grove Fertility has been devoted to superior patient care, continually evolving and improving treatment outcomes to benefit the men and women looking to build their families through fertility treatment,” adds Mark Segal, Shady Grove Fertility’s CEO for nearly 2 decades. Recently, Shady Grove Fertility’s flagship embryology lab in Rockville, MD, was ranked as the highest volume lab for total assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and donor egg treatment cycles. This data, pulled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) preliminary 2014 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, speaks to the expertise of the Shady Grove Fertility physicians and hundreds of clinical professionals devoted to the care of patients every day. In 2014, SGF’s three state of the art embryology labs in Rockville, MD, Towson, MD, and Chesterbrook, PA, performed nearly 10,000 ART cycles—which equates to almost 5 percent of all ART cycles in the United States.

Endurance and a Persistent, Healthy Obsession

SGF also tops the list for the most fresh non-donor in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles for women 40 and under, the most fresh donor cycles, the most frozen donor cycles, and—of key importance—the most live births from fresh non-donor IVF cycles, the most live births from fresh donor cycles, and the most live births from frozen donor cycles.

“When it comes to battling infertility, it takes the tireless dedication of our staff, the skillful expertise of our physicians, the compassion of our community, the trust of our referring OB/GYN physicians, and the courage and strength of our patients, all believing in the power of what’s possible to bring 40,000 babies and counting into this world,” says Dr. Levy, Shady Grove Fertility Co-founder, President, and Director of IVF. “It also takes endurance and a persistent healthy obsession with never settling for the status quo. We have consistently lived by the mantra to ‘always do what’s best for our patients’—this has served our patients and staff very well through the years,” adds Levy.


Believe It’s Possible

At the heart of the Believe It’s Possible campaign will be an opportunity for  Shady Grove Fertility staff, physicians, members of the community, former patients, and current patients to share, based on their observations and experience, their “reasons to believe” and why belief is possible with Shady Grove Fertility. “Whether it’s because we designed exclusive financial programs that bring care within reach for more people, our success rates that are among the highest in the nation, or that we offer each patient truly individualized care, each person’s reason to believe is as unique and personal as their fertility journey,” says Patty Stull, Vice President of Strategic Development, former SGF patient, and mother of three. “Treatment for infertility has come a long way over the past 25 years and become very effective and efficient in helping almost everyone conceive. Due to advancements, with proper and timely treatment, we can now overcome most diagnoses, including ovulation disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), blocked Fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages, and male factor infertility, to name only a few,” adds Dr. Sagoskin, Shady Grove Fertility co-founder.

Join the Movement #BelieveItsPossible

Throughout the remainder of its silver anniversary year, Shady Grove Fertility is encouraging its community to share their reasons to believe with others—whether that’s a picture of their Shady Grove Fertility baby or something along their journey that has served as a source of inspiration—by posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or their favorite social community using the hashtag #BelieveItsPossible. To start your journey and add to the 40,000 babies born, simply schedule an appointment and contact us with this form or call 0208.003.0827.


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