4 Reasons to Come to Shady Grove Fertility in America for Donor Egg Treatment

8th December 2017

Why Come to Shady Grove Fertility in America for Donor Egg Treatment? Discover the 4 reasons why you should choose Shady Grove Fertility’s donor egg treatment program in America. 

Shady Grove Fertility Offers Personalised Care

Watch International Patient Liaison and former fertility patient, Amanda Segal, discuss the genuine passion and concierge-level care that Shady Grove Fertility provides to patients, holding their hands through the entire donor egg treatment process.


“We take great pride in the level of care and expertise we can provide to our International patients. Being a part of the patient journey and witnessing so many success stories is the most rewarding part of our job. We give you all of the tools to succeed and all of the hope to keep going. Having been part of the Shady Grove Fertility family for over 25 years, that feeling of gratitude for your work and love for your patients never diminishes.” 

Shady Grove Fertility Offers a Streamlined Donor Egg Treatment Process

For over 25 years, Shady Grove Fertility staff and physicians have held the hands of thousands of couples and individuals as they achieve their dream of parenthood. Our programme is designed to maximise your chances of pregnancy while minimising your cost and time. We know how difficult it can be to seek care in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people so we’ve designed an easy process that uses simple technology—video, telephone, and email—to bridge the miles. We also only require two visits to America—the first for cycle preparation and the second for embryo transfer. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to ensure you feel completely connected and in the know at all times.

Shady Grove Fertility Offers Exclusive Treatment Guarantee and Other Financial Programs for Donor Egg Treatment

Among the many reasons why International patients choose Shady Grove Fertility is because affording care is simplified by our two exclusive programmes designed to make treatment less stressful and more successful. To help couples afford our higher costs for extensive prescreening, medication, and donor fees, we have created two exclusive programmes to make treatment more affordable and successful. One programme guarantees a 100 percent refund if our patients don’t deliver a baby. The other allows donor eggs to be shared, reducing the cost without compromising success.

89% of our UK patients choose to share a donor and participate in the 100% Refund option, which gives them the best of both worlds when it comes to achieving their goals—delivering a baby without going broke in the process.

Shady Grove Fertility Offers Supportive Resources for Patients Using Donor Egg Treatment

At Shady Grove Fertility, support is all around you. We realise this stuff isn’t easy and it sometimes isn’t quick. It’s also something people should never feel like they’re facing alone. That’s why we are all about being there for our patients, in as many ways that we can. By providing uncompromising service, creating better access to care with affordable financial options, and delivering truly personalised care, SGF has reached another significant milestone and is celebrating more than 50,000 babies born since the centre first opened its doors in 1991.

Your dream of growing or expanding your family is within reach. To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility’s Donor Egg Treatment Programme, email International Patient Liaison, Amanda Segal, or submit this brief online form.


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